Information bubbles, oversimplification and hyper-complex challenges have disrupted humankind's ability to take correct decisions in an super-connected world.

We can fix this.

The Cognitive Diversity Institute researches & promotes cognitive diversity to stay actionable in the information age.

What is cognitive diversity?

Cognitive diversity (attitudes, opinions, information, and values) describes the ability to take on multiple perspectives and apply different information processing styles to solving complex problems.

It has been acknowledged as a key success criterion for organisations by Ernst & Young, Boston Consulting Group and award-winning scientists like Prof. Ken Goldberg (UC Berkley) or Prof. Scott E. Page (University of Michigan). It is also being endorsed by leaders like Regina Dugan (VP of engineering, Facebook), Vinod Kumar (CEO Tata Communications) and has been featured on media platforms like Forbes or Harvard Business Review.

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Research Areas

The Cognitive Diversity Institute (CDI) provides insights on how cognitive diversity affects individuals, organizations and society, partnering with universities and other research bodies. Our work focuses on three main areas:

Decision making in hyper-complex environments

In every area we can observe a growing complexity of things. States, organizations and individuals are struggling to find their way through these hyper-complex environments. There are findings hinting at cognitive diversity enhancing our ability to take adequate decisions in such a world. The CDI pushes for new insights into this matter to offer a new approach to decision making to future challenges.

Self-Awareness & Mental Well-Being

Today we experience a massive surge in mental illnesses, such as depression and burn-out, stemming from multiple reasons. The CDI focuses on aspects of psychologically safe environments in groups. We develop methods to support individuals to become aware of their own needs in groups and reflect their cognitive biases to actively seek a role in relation to others they can fully support. By being aware and capable of reflecting one’s own strengths and weaknesses, only then can cognitive diversity as a concept be adequately approached.

Cognitive Inclusion & Diversity

Teams, groups and organizations can only fully realize their cognitive diversity potential, by becoming aware of it and creating the right environments that act inclusive towards novel, unexpected and unknown ideas and opinions. The CDI offers approaches to establish the adequate environments in which cognitive diversity can thrive elevates teams to new levels of collective intelligence.


To establish a global movement offering an alternative narrative, which builds on interconnectedness, community and collective intelligence, fostering an inclusive and diverse world. A world where we are not driven by the idea of ‘survival of the fittest’, but rather by a desire to collectively find the correct answers to the hyper-complex challenges we are facing together as humanity.

Revision Summit

We started our mission to foster an ongoing dialogue between policy-makers, activists, technology-entrepreneurs, artists, developers and scientists to develop alternative narratives for a society in the information age. The Cognitive Diversity Institute emerged out of the community behind the Revision Summit and functions as legal body behind this event from 2019 on. Happening on a yearly basis, the Revision Summit creates a safe space and brings together a highly diverse mix of people across disciplines to debate on controversial topics revolving around the future of our society and technology. The event is based on a cognitive diversity approach.